Not Just Me Foundation

Empowering Survivors. Educating Communities.

Our Mission

To prevent sexual assault through awareness and education and to help survivors reclaim their lives by giving them access to appropriately trained advocacy networks. 

Our Motivation

We can think of no other violation that cuts through a person’s soul like rape.  This unspeakably violent crime touches the most intimate parts of a person’s being and tears it apart.  In the wake of such destruction, hope and happiness can seems lost forever.  Because the very nature of sexual assault is private and is almost always shrouded in secrecy and shame, the emotions that a victim experiences are often difficult to talk about.  This can leave the victim feeling even more isolated.    But talking about the crime is crucial, both in terms of healing and prevention.   I hope that the information and links provided on this website will help victims of rape to feel like they are not alone in their journey.   There is an active community of advocates, law enforcement personnel, government agencies and fellow survivors who can help you reclaim your life


Our Name

When I set out to create a place where survivors and their families could turn for information and encouragement, I knew we needed to select just the right name.  My own personal journey replayed in my head as I brainstormed ideas. All of the sudden it became crystal clear.   I realized that the phrase I seemed to repeat again and again in my presentations would make just the right name for my organization--Not Just Me!   It was not just me that day in the van when I was abducted and children were victimized as well.  It was not just me who had suffered at the hands of this rapist in the past.  It came to light that there are at least 4 other victims who were violated by this man.  It was not just me who was left reeling from the aftereffects of the sexual assault.  I watched my husband, my parents and other family members and friends grieve for what my family had lost as a result of this crime.  It was not just me alone who discovered the strength to take my case to trial.  During my four year legal battle I was supported by numerous advocates, law enforcement personnel and members of the State Attorney’s Office.  They kept encouraging me to push on towards justice on even when giving up seemed to be the best thing to do.  And finally, it is not just me who is a victim of rape.  A sexual assault is attempted or completed every 2 minutes in this country.   You are most certainly not alone!  “Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence.  Anyone can heal from sexual violence.  Everyone can help create a world free of sexual violence”. 

Testifying before the US Senate in Washington, DC September 2010

About Our Founder

Julie was raised in Miami, Florida and attended the University of Virginia where she received a degree in Government and Foreign Affairs.  Upon graduation in 1993, she moved to Washington D.C to work as a legal researcher for the Department of Justice.  Julie returned to Florida to attend graduate school at he University of Miami where she graduated with a Master’s degree specializing in Latin American Studies and International Intelligence.    In October 2002, Julie survived every mother’s worst nightmare and was thrust into a four year journey through Florida’s criminal justice system.    She has now dedicated her life to advocacy work and travels globally to speak about her experience as a rape victim.  Julie has volunteered to work with law enforcement, advocacy groups, healthcare providers, state attorneys and even foreign governments to show them how proper communication and coordination with victims can produce strong survivors.    In addition to being the Executive Director of the Not Just Me Foundation, Julie Weil is an active member of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) Speaker’s Bureau, the Rape Kit Action Project and is the survivor representative on the Palm Beach County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).  She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence (FCASV).   Julie  has also presented at nurse trainings across Florida organized by FCASV and helped to pass legislation including the Florida Senate Bill 636 pertaining to the rape kit backlog and  the SAFER Act, a part of the 2013 VAWA Reauthorization.  She is the founder of “Keeping Moms Safe”, a safety program she presents to women’s groups  nationwide in hopes that it will help increase vigilance and save lives.  As one of the primary inspirations behind the creation of Butterfly House, Palm Beach County's first centralized forensic exam center, Julie is personally  committed through this Foundation to  providing  personal care and comfort items for the survivors that walk through its doors.   

The Butterfly House is an oasis of hope and healing for people who have experienced the trauma sexual violence.